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Terriers are highly intelligent and trainable, for people with patience and a great sense of humour. To make it easier for you to find your perfect terrier, we have put together a comprehensive list together of the most popular terrier dog breeds in Australia. british terriers types Terrier Breeds Terriers of Scotland The various Terriers of Scotland developed from the ancient long bodied, short legged, rough coated terrier which is believed to be the oldest variety of the canine race indigenous to North Britain [1.

Read our guide to the terriers of the British Isles and tell us which is your favourite: 1 Airedale Terrier. The largest terrier of all hails from Yorkshire, where it was known as the Bingley or Waterside terrier, perhaps later named after the Airedale Show, at which dogs bred to hunt otters in british terriers types

As we said previously, the Airedale is the largest of the British Terriers. It is longlegged featuring a strong round bone structure, extreme agility and strength. It has strong jaws, free gait and a dense, wiry and hard coat. Being one of the most versatile Terriers, the Airedale is bold, adventurous and playful. Mix Terrier Breeds Origin and Ancestry; Airedale Terrier: This terrier is bred from the Old English black and tan terriers and the Otterhound. This British born breed has a dense coat of fur that is not very long and is light brown and cream in color. This dog has a medium size. American Staffordshire Terrier Terrier Breeds. Historically Terriers hunted rats, foxes, badger, stoats, weasels and otters. In today's society with no quarry to hunt, the terrier's instinct to dig could worry a garden conscious owner. However, their energy and fun loving character makes them excellent family pets and watchdogs. british terriers types English Terrier Breeds: The Airedale Terrier. Airedale, a valley (dale) in the West Riding of Yorkshire, between the Aire and the Wharfe Rivers, was the birthplace of the breed. In the mid19th Century, working class people created the Airedale Terrier by crossing the old English roughcoated Black and Tan Terrier with the Otterhound. Most of the breeds in this group are small, such as the Norfolk and Cairn, but there are also large terriers in the mix, such as the regal Airedale. The name terrier comes from Types of Terrier Dogs: Terrier Breeds Around the World Large and medium sized terrier breeds: These are smallsized terriers originally used Small sized terrier breeds: These are molosser dogs, and their origins are associated Bull type terrier breeds: These are the smallest of all terrier Terrier Breeds. The Scottish Terrier was at one time known as the Aberdeen Terrier. Other breeds such as the Lakeland, Airedale and Border, for example, were known by a range of highly localised names before acquiring the names by which they are now known.

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